Do you see yourself here? We do. This is our scene. Is it yours? Check out the demure ladies. They groove with abandon. They are powerful goddesses flying on the wings of Orpheus. Check out the goofy dudes and their herb inspired hand dancing. They know they are goofing. But they can't help themselves.

That's where we want to get you. That’s where you want to go.

The Hump

The first Wednesday of the month slips by too fast for anyone to assess what best to do with it. But by the time the second Wednesday sneaks up, our bodies are weary from the toll of the work week, our minds cluttered with anxiety from the news and keeping up with social graces. We feel it—and you—so we gather our best possessions and haul them down to the Mattson Ballroom of the Minneapolis Eagles Club to play all the groovy funk we can muster. That muster floats to the dance floor, providing ample cushion for the booty-bouncing, hip-shaking, and sashaying capable of resetting your soul for the days ahead. If you need this, then we need you! Come down and let’s make these nights ones for the heart.

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